Prince of the Legend, The Book Of Three Han, 三韓志-朱蒙篇, 삼한지-주몽 편

Meet a hero bigger than the myth.Alexander, Genghis Khan, we have the hero who overwhelmed his generation and changed history, Jumong! Up to now we have been used to dramas dealing with the history of kings and knights but now we are about to challenge in creating a drama with the birth of a true hero. A name only remembered as a myth. Get ready to meet Jumong, the hero who opened up the skies of the Old Joseon, which was once ours, by fighting thousands and thousands of armies.Meet the love even bigger than the history.‘Love’ seems to be the one common denominator across people of all generations and nations. ‘Love’ gets swept away with the waves of time and also gets hurt with biased views in societies, but it also creates a new kind of history by wrestling against adversity and the trials of time. True love, which is uncommonly seen in history, is re-drawn through the drama of our once forgotten history.Through the wisdom and courage of Korea’s first queen So Seo-no...

CATEGORY: Korean Drama

STATUS: Completed


GENRES: Drama, Historical, Period, Period Drama

7.99 / 91 votes   


Han Hye Jin Avatar
Han Hye Jin
Song Il Gook Avatar
Song Il Gook
Kim Seung Soo Avatar
Kim Seung Soo
Song Ji Hyo Avatar
Song Ji Hyo
Hu Joon Ho Avatar
Hu Joon Ho

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